NSN’s Liquid Radio software reduces spectrum demand by 35%

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: Nokia Siemens says new features to Liquid Radio Software Suites offers 100 times greater WCDMA uplink capacity and reduces spectrum demand by 35 percent.

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Nokia Siemens Networks, which is positioning itself as the mobile broadband supplier, is on the right target. Global operators face spectrum crunch. Plus, radio spectrum is becoming too costly to buy.

The full set of features in the Liquid Radio GSM Software Suite reduces spectrum demand by 35 percent, enabling efficient GSM spectrum refarming for use by WCDMA and LTE and reducing total cost of ownership by 25 percent.

The value additions to NSN’s new Liquid Radio software addresses telecom operators’  capacity demands.

Main benefits to telecom service providers include: operators can move toward 100 times greater WCDMA uplink capacity to meet growing capacity demand; by releasing 35 percent of GSM spectrum for use by WCDMA and LTE, ensure full utilization of LTE networks and spectrum.

Stephan Litjens,head of LTE product management, Nokia Siemens Networks, says the new features build on its existing Liquid Radio Software Suites, which are field-proven across the globe with more than 100 operators using them commercially to adapt network resources to unpredictable mobile broadband demand.

Wireless operators can offer high quality mobile services with fewer sites and infrastructure, using available spectrum as efficiently. In addition, they also help provide the necessary capacity for new mobile broadband services and applications.

The introduction of the new Liquid Radio LTE Software Suite anticipates the evolution of LTE multiband networks.

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