NTT Plala deploys Cisco ASR 9000 series

Cisco announced that NTT Plala has deployed the Cisco
Aggregation Services Router 9000 Series (ASR 9000) for its Internet access


This will allow NTT Plala to build a secure wideband
Internet service infrastructure while reducing energy consumption.


It is imperative for Internet service providers to
respond to the growth in Internet traffic brought about by the spread of
video-sharing sites and on-demand video viewing services, as well as the
expanding business use of cloud-based applications.


Service providers also need to address the issue of
Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) address exhaustion, prepare their networks
to meet IPv6 requirements, and offering attractive services to acquire new


Moreover, the environment surrounding Internet service
providers is drastically changing, as they need to respond to concerns about
energy supply. Under such circumstances, NTT Plala has
employed the Cisco ASR 9000 Series to enhance the efficiency of its network
equipment and enable the company to promptly respond to changes in the business


The Cisco ASR 9000 is
highly scalable and, in the future, will serve as a 100 Gigabit Ethernet
platform and help service ISPs protect their investments over the long term and
reduce CAPEX (capital expenditure). It also supports carrier-grade IPv6
functions to enable future service expansion.


A modular power system implemented in the Cisco ASR 9000
supplies the minimum energy required by the system, thus reducing operating
expense by lowering power consumption per transfer rate.


Using Cisco SCE (Service
Control Engine) as a DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) product that controls
bandwidth and applications, NTT Plala is currently offering “Net Barrier
Basic” value-added service that enables the provision of a safe and secure
broadband environment. From now on, the company can establish an infrastructure
that further enhances consumer security service that offers safe and secure
Internet environment by combining the Cisco ASR 9000 and Cisco SCE.


“Deploying Cisco ASR 9000, companies can get a
highly scalable platform that allows them to offer enhanced security
service,” said Katsumi Nagata, board director, general manager of NTT
Plala. “The environment surrounding ISPs is getting highly complex.
Companies are facing many challenges including the need to respond to increasing
video traffic and reduce power consumption. Cisco ASR 9000 offers solutions to
each of these challenges.”


Cisco will continue helping customers reduce CAPEX and
OPEX, and building next-generation service platforms to offer advanced Internet


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