NXP unveils smallest low-noise amplifier

Telecom Lead Europe: – NXP Semiconductors, a provider of
Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions has launched
the BGU8006 low-noise amplifier.


Designed for very small portable devices, the company
claims that the BGU8006 low-noise amplifier is the tiniest GPS LNA on
the market.


“Smartphones, tablets, personal navigation devices
and automotive telematics applications all suffer from communication delays
when network reception is poor, and have to wait for data to refresh as the GPS
searches for satellite signal. Our new BGU8006 LNA helps to maintain optimal
GPS signal reception for as long as possible on a chip that is so small,” aid
Erick Olsen, marketing director, RF small signal product line, NXP


With adaptive biasing techniques, the BGU8006 LNA is able
to detect any output power from jammers, and compensate by temporarily
increasing the current.


Furthermore, adaptive biasing in the BGU8006 improves
linearity with a 10 dB better IP3 under -40 to -20 dBm jamming conditions and
provides effective GPS output with jammer power up to -15 dBm.


The latest series of LNAs can be used in a wide range of
applications using GPS technology, including smartphones, feature phones,
tablets, personal navigation devices (PNDs), digital still cameras, digital video
cameras, RF front-end modules for phones, and complete GPS chipset modules.


The company has also announced the
BGU7004 and BGU7008 LNAs, which are AEC-Q100 qualified.


NXP unveils dual LIN transceiver for cost efficient modules in


Recentlty, the company launched the TJA1022, a dual
LIN 2.2 transceiver that provides an interface between a LIN master/slave
protocol controller and the physical bus in a LIN network. 



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