Oclaro unveils industry-first 1×23 wavelength selective switch (WSS)

By Telecom Lead Team: Oclaro,
a tier-one provider of optical communications and laser solutions, has launched
the industry’s first very high port count 1×23 wavelength selective switch

switch features switching times of 200ms – an order of magnitude faster than
competing solutions.

to Ovum, Oclaro is well positioned to emerge as a leader in this fast growing market
segment and expected to grow to $201 million by 2016.

high-port count WSS solutions are becoming key components in the deployment of
high-speed networks carrying 100 Gbps signals because they address the needs of
next generation CDC (Colorless, Directionless, Contentionless) ROADMs
(reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers) for high node degrees.

delivering a very high port count solution that doesn’t require compromises in
optical performance, we can enable our customers to achieve a competitive
advantage with their next generation ROADMs,” said Gil Cohen, vice
president of WSS product line management at Oclaro.

networks carrying 100 Gbps signals require a new generation of ROADMs that
utilize very high port count WSS switches to flexibly route through channels as
well as connect each add/drop port to any of the directions connecting a node,
and at any wavelength.

higher port count WSS allows for more add/drop ports and/or more degrees to be
interconnected, and the fast switching time enables reliable network
reconfiguration across multiple nodes.

order to achieve a 10X performance improvement in its new 1×23 WSS, the company
said that it used unique combination of MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems)
and liquid crystal technologies.

approach enabled Oclaro to deliver the fastest WSS in the industry and provides
customers with a major competitive advantage.

few months ago, Oclaro posted the weakest performance, with revenues six per cent less than in the
previous quarter.

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