OneAccess Networks Enables Service Providers to Deliver Converged Services

OneAccess Networks, a provider of multi-service access routers that enable service providers to deliver a new generation of converged services to the small-medium business and enterprise branch office, announced the launch of product for North America.


The ONE series of multi-service access routers is capable of enabling service providers to transition quickly from legacy T1 and NxT1 circuits for the delivery of converged services to IP optimized carrier Ethernet technologies including: bonded copper, fiber Ethernet and GPON.



To leverage the high bandwidth capabilities of carrier Ethernet technologies, OneAccess solutions deliver high performance, multi-service routing with key revenue generating software features including IP-PBX, WAN optimization, managed security and premises-based SBC.


The ONE20, ONE80 platforms are available now. The ONE20 supports an ADSL2+ WAN interface and a 4 port managed Ethernet switch along with an optional 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi access point. The ONE80 supports up to 4 bonded pairs of G.SHDSL for a high capacity service, and is configured with a 4 port managed Ethernet switch plus an optional 802.11 b/g/n WiFi access point, along with a full range of QoS, VPN and security features.


Additionally, the 1424 Ethernet Access Device is available for carrier Ethernet services. The 1424 is deployed worldwide with proven multi-vendor interoperability and delivers up to 22 Mbps of WAN bandwidth performance with the added benefit of Layer 3 features.


The OneAccess solution roadmap is aggressively focused on feature integration and emerging technology introduction, and includes planned releases in 2011 that will enable service providers to deliver higher value converged services to the small-medium business and enterprise.


OneAccess has demonstrated a history of forward-looking, aggressive technology introduction to ensure that its service provider customers can continue to evolve their strategic service offerings for the SMB and enterprise in a highly competitive landscape”,  said Dennis R Gatens, vice president of Business Development, North America for OneAccess.


As more than 110 service providers worldwide have realized, OneAccess solutions offer Complete Convergence; that is high performance converged services delivery with industry-leading hardware and software flexibility. North American service providers can now take advantage of our capabilities”,  said Gatens added.


As service providers continually look to the future, the OneAccess solutions enable a roadmap of cloud-based services for the SMB and enterprise with embedded features such as WAN optimization, managed security, encryption and premises-based SBC.


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