ONI Telecom deploys Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Demarcation

Nokia announced that ONI Telecom of Portugal will deploy Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Demarcation (PSD) to provide 10G dedicated links to customers in key Portuguese cities.

The Nokia solution extends the optical network through to the customer premises, giving ONI the visibility required to meet service level agreements (SLAs) for its retail enterprise and wholesale datacenter interconnect and cloud service offerings.

Paulo Teixeira, from Engineering and Planning of ONI Telecom, said: “With this device, Nokia is helping us to provide cost-effective and guaranteed 10G wavelength services to our enterprise customers in key metro markets.”

Miguel Araújo, CT head of Portugal at Nokia, said: “The 1830 PSD is an addition to our optical networking solution set. Paired with the Nokia NFM-T optical manager, it provides a unique solution for dedicated optical links, useful for enterprise wavelength services and datacenter interconnect.”

The Nokia 1830 PSD, the industry’s first Ethernet and Wavelength service demarcation device, provides both Wavelength and Ethernet services in a low-power, small-footprint device.

It will enable ONI to manage and monitor its transport network. It effectively extends ONI’s optical domain management system, the Nokia NFM-T, across the entire network, up to and including the 1830 PSD at the customer premises.