Ooredoo Qatar trials 200MHz mid-band spectrum with Ericsson

Ooredoo Qatar has trialled 200MHz mid-band spectrum and achieved a record system throughput of 4.2 Gbps using the latest Ericsson Radio System products.
Ooredoo Qatar 5G
This shows the potential of Ericsson AIR 6449 to use increased bandwidth in the network for future 5G capacity demands.

The new tech milestone was reached using advanced 5G and 4G data aggregation functionality to boost the data rate per user, where multiple frequency blocks are assigned to the same user. This will enable Ooredoo to offer subscribers higher speeds on their handsets, improving the experience of apps such as streaming and watching 8K videos.

The deployment of new 5G mid-band spectrum will also unlock the potential for subscribers to enjoy other streaming services, remote learning, cloud gaming and AR/VR applications at a totally new level. This will open up opportunities for service providers to tap new revenue streams and drive efficiencies in areas such as smart cities, healthcare and logistics.

“We are making use of the latest innovative technology to apply 5G in existing frequency bands and deploying the latest 5G radios to shift our subscriber experience to a whole new level,” Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Thani, CEO at Ooredoo Qatar, said.

The trial cements Ooredoo’s commitment to bring the latest technology and prepares their network for the new era of 5G use cases, Fadi Pharaon, president of Ericsson Middle East & Africa, said.

Ericsson has 99 commercial 5G agreements and contracts with unique operators, of which 57 are publicly announced 5G deals, including 55 live 5G networks on five continents.