Openwave Mobility launches IP Traffic Manager at MWC

Mobile Internet
Software-maker Openwave Mobility launched IP Traffic Manager (IP-TM) for carriers to effectively manage diverse data flows and implement key use cases.

Use cases enabled by IP-TM include ad-blocking, content filtering, real time Quality of Experience monitoring and control, fair usage management and integrated DNS analysis to set Quality of Service policies for different categories of content.

Openwave Mobility said IP-TM delivers these key Value Added Service use cases in a virtualized environment using Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware and can manage both encrypted and unencrypted streams.

IPTM builds on the capabilities of Openwave Mobility’s SDN/NFV-enabled Integra framework. This delivers traffic flow classification with session, policy and value awareness.

It combines the UDP, TCP, and IP signaling paths with the data path to provide carriers with insight on both personal and network traffic consumption.

“IPTM is rebooting Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)” said Matt Halligan, CTO, Openwave Mobility. “To meet today’s cocktail of data, DPI has to evolve significantly from high cost equipment that inspects just the first few bytes of a flow, into continuous flow and session analysis using COTS hardware. “

Halligan continued: “That enables operators to deliver a consistent QoE to their subscribers – whether that’s a WhatsApp call or a music track on Spotify. Our solution adds value to the operator’s network and is both virtualized for scalability and is cost effective to meet data demands.”

The company stated that the mobile internet usage is intensifying and diversifying. The European Union’s Eurostat found that 1 in 4 used cloud storage services such as Dropbox and accessed files on mobile devices.  Skype’s mobile app has been downloaded 750 million times.

Openwave Mobility said mobile operators need a robust solution for real-time packet, flow and session inspection and enforcement for the next generation of virtualized data.