Orange announces operational launch of telecom tower firm TOTEM

Orange today announced the operational launch of telecom tower firm TOTEM with 26,000 sites in France and Spain, the two largest countries where Orange is present.
Orange France shopTOTEM’s passive mobile infrastructure portfolio includes over 26,000 sites in France and Spain. TOTEM France will manage 18,500 macro-sites with a mix of 58 percent tower sites, 30 percent flat roofs and 12 percent in other locations. TOTEM Spain will manage 7,900 macro-sites, distributed equally between tower sites and flat roofs.

TOTEM has around 100 employees in France based in seven cities (Lille, Nantes, Toulouse, Marseille, Paris, Lyon, Donges), around 50 employees in Spain based in eight cities, and approximately twenty people working for TOTEM Group.

After France and Spain, TOTEM will consider the option of incorporating other European passive mobile infrastructure assets from the Orange group which could create value.

Nicolas Roy, CEO of TOTEM Group, said: “Launched first in France and Spain, TOTEM has become a new player for regional development in Europe. TOTEM will create value for all stakeholders – operators, landlords and real estate players, regional authorities, companies.”