Orange Slovensko selects Nokia to prepare radio network for 5G

Orange Slovensko, a leading mobile operator in Slovakia, has selected Nokia to prepare its Radio Access Network for 5G.
Orange 5G network service
This commercial 5G network deal builds on long-term end-to-end network collaboration between Nokia and Orange Slovensko.

Nokia said its 5G network technology will boost network capacity, and offer an improved user experience and new upcoming innovative 5G services to Orange Slovensko’s consumer and enterprise customers.

Orange’s network in Slovakia will utilize Nokia’s 5G New Radio (5G NR)-based AirScale hardware and software for the new 5G frequency bands. Nokia will also provide its NetAct Management System together with advanced automation and efficiency tools.

Federico Colom, CEO of Orange Slovensko, said: “We are taking the next step towards launching next-generation mobile services, leveraging our recently modernized 5G-ready Radio Access Network.”

Tommi Uitto, president Mobile Networks Nokia, said: “Our technology will allow Orange Slovensko to smoothly transition towards 5G. This deal builds on our relationship with Orange and will deliver a superior experience for businesses and consumers alike, allowing them to unlock the potential of 5G.”