Orange to use Cisco NCS to prepare for 400G speeds

Mobile operator Orange has selected Cisco for the modernization and expansion of Orange’s Open Transit Internet (OTI) service.

This initiative offers Orange Group the chance to expand its network in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, with reduced operational complexity and increased capacity using the new generation of routers on its OTI service.

The resulting increase in network efficiency will improve service for Orange customers and manage the exponential increase in Internet traffic across the network.
Orange for mobile phone users
OTI is a an international Internet connectivity solution offering direct access to the Internet networks in more than 100 countries through more than 50 points of presence (POPs). This wholesale offer targets both Internet service providers and content providers.

Orange will use Cisco NCS to execute its plans to prepare for 400G speeds. Cisco NCS offers many other advantages including reduction in the number of chassis to be managed, high port density, high performance forwarding, low jitter and the lowest power consumption in terms of Gigabits/sec.

Jean-Luc Vuillemin, senior vice president, Orange International Networks Infrastructures and Services, said Orange can reap the business benefits of a highly reliable and resilient platform to support its networking goals.

Sumeet Arora, senior vice president of Engineering, Service Provider Business, Cisco, said Orange is in a position to deliver higher bandwidth and a range of new functions and services that will give it more agility to innovate and compete.