Pangaea Networks powers metro ethernet network with Ciena


Ciena announced a partnership with Pangaea Networks, a
provider of multi-protocol metro Ethernet local loop connectivity, to deliver
reliable and robust Ethernet business services to service providers in the New
York City and tri-state area.


As a wholesale metro Ethernet connectivity provider,
Pangaea Networks delivers flat-rate Ethernet access to more than 2,700
enterprise buildings and interconnectivity to nearly all of the New York and
New Jersey metro area data center and colocation facilities.


The company enables service providers to connect to their
enterprise customers, providing an end-to-end Ethernet service at both Layer 1
and Layer 2.


The company selected Ciena’s 3960 Service Delivery
Switch, a next-generation Ethernet access system that delivers premium business
Ethernet services via fiber or copper connections, to serve as the foundation
of its metro network backbone architecture.


By leveraging Ciena‘s technology, Pangaea is able to provide a
reliable and resilient transport solution ideal for delivering voice, data, IP,
VoIP, MPLS, video, and any other real-time, latency-sensitive applications over
its network infrastructure.


Additionally, Pangaea is also leveraging Ciena’s 3960 Service
Delivery Switch as part of their PANMetro 10 GigE Ring service throughout New
York and New Jersey.


The PANMetro10 GigE Ring is the first and
only commercially available Ethernet ring that provides any-to-any connectivity
to the top data centers, which in turn reduces the need for colocation space,
power, and equipment.


Ciena’s CESD solutions are highly reliable, flexible and
cost-effective while also allowing for easy configuration and management. The
company’s 3960 Service Delivery Switch gives us the ability to turn up
bandwidth remotely to quickly meet spikes in customer demand, saving us the
time and cost of truck rolls and giving our customers the advantage of assured
connectivity,” said Matt O’Leary, vice president of engineering and network
planning at Pangaea Networks.  


The growth in demand for this type of premium Ethernet
business services clearly reflects the market’s readiness for a more scalable,
efficient way for organizations to access not only remote data centers and
cloud services, but also offer a variety of applications such as voice, data
and video.


We’re pleased to partner with Pangaea Networks in order
to provide these types of services to an extended base of service providers and
ultimately to their enterprise customers,” said Jason Phipps, vice president,
global market operations at Ciena.


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