Parallel Wireless selected by Cellcom for network expansion

Parallel Wireless announced software-based network solutions deal with Wisconsin-based wireless carrier Cellcom for their network expansion.
Parallel-Wireless-M1-WiFiCellcom has customers in Wisconsin and Michigan, with 50 plus retail and agent locations.

Cellcom engineers will use Parallel Wireless solutions to ensure cost-effective roll out of Wi-Fi to connect both consumer and business subscribers in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Parallel Wireless will offer a flexible solution for expanding the 4G LTE coverage across urban service areas and a large rural footprint.

Parallel Wireless said the software-defined compact base station Converged Wireless System (CWS) maximizes data and voice coverage for superior quality of experience for Cellcom’s end users.

HetNet Gateway (HNG), a software platform for configuring, optimizing, and automating the network, provides seamless mobility and low latency for the best subscriber experience for Cellcom customers on 4G and on 5G in the future.

“Parallel Wireless is an innovative, cost-effective provider of network solutions,” Robert Sobieck, senior director of engineering at Cellcom, said.