PCTEL to showcase its antennas for railroad applications


PCTEL, a provider of antenna and scanning receiver
solutions, will showcase its antenna and RF accessory products for railroad


PCTEL’s line of railroad antennas includes rugged base
station, mobile communications, and GPS tracking antennas for trackside and
rolling stock deployments. These deployments support several applications,
including wayside signaling, voice communications, timing synchronization and
Positive Train Control.


PCTEL’s railroad antennas cover the 160 MHz, 220 MHz,
UHF, LTE, CDMA, GSM, WiFi, WiMAX and GPS frequency bands, including various
gain options and multiband combinations for greater flexibility in optimizing
communications systems solutions.


PCTEL also supplies a full line of
accessories, including cable assemblies with various low-loss cable types and
multiple connector options, fully equipped enclosures, surge protectors and
multiple mounting bracket options for various installations.


PCTEL constructs its railroad antennas with robust
materials, including premium coatings and finishes for long-term reliability.
The 160 MHz ASP16 and 220 MHz ASP22 ‘firecracker’ antennas are constructed
using only stainless steel with a black powder coating for use in locomotive
and rolling stock installations.


“PCTEL has made significant investments in the
development of high performance antenna solutions for rail applications to
address our customers’ evolving requirements,” said Jeff Miller, senior
vice president of sales and marketing, PCTEL. “We will continue to work
with railroad companies, radio OEMs, and our distribution channels to develop
custom solutions consisting of antennas, enclosures and cable assemblies to
meet the unique needs of the industry,”


PCTEL recently announced the expansion
of the SeeGull MX scanning receiver technology coverage.


The new MX release incorporates measurements of CDMA and
EV-DO technologies along with its well-established support for LTE, GSM and


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