PeerApp announced MTS India deployed UltraBand transparent caching platform

Telecom Lead India: PeerApp, a provider of transparent
caching platforms for internet content delivery, announced that Sistema Shyam TeleServices
(MTS India) has deployed PeerApp’s UltraBand transparent caching platform in
its network.

UltraBand enables mobile operators to provide end user
quality of experience for multimedia content while reducing network
infrastructure and bandwidth costs associated with carrying over the top video
and peer-to-peer traffic.

MTS provides its mobile broadband services in more than
300 towns across India, including the top five metro areas.

PeerApp’s UltraBand transparent caching platform will
help MTS speed up content delivery and reduce network load up to 40 percent by
automatically detecting popular content and delivering it as close as possible
to the subscriber.

“Mobility has become a key aspect of using internet.
Whether it is rich content or high speed connectivity, our endeavor is to
deliver a stupendous internet experience to our customers while ensuring on the
move access to data services. With PeerApp’s UltraBand, we can optimize service
quality which would help differentiate us further in the expanding data
market,” said Rajeev Batra, chief information officer, MTS India.

More than 200 operators in 60 countries have deployed
PeerApp systems.

“Rising consumer expectations for quality and
consistency of mobile broadband services has created a surge in interest in
transparent caching solutions among mobile operators in India and
globally,” said Samuel Bachar, vice president of products and marketing,


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