Pelindo 4 deploys Nokia’s IP/MPLS network for LTE connectivity

Pelindo 4, a port management company in Indonesia, has deployed Nokia’s IP/MPLS network solution to provide LTE wireless connectivity for remote real-time monitoring of its crane performance and operation.
nokia-at-mwc-2016Nokia, with its partner Kurnia Energy Engineering (KEE), has deployed its 7705 Service Aggregation Router–Hm, which extends IP/MPLS services over cellular and WLAN networks, on all the cranes across the Makassar Container Terminal (TPM).

The networking capability enables Pelindo 4 to monitor container crane and rubber tire gantry crane assets from its control room in real time for dynamic control and management of container cranes, leading to greater operational efficiency and improved safety.

Nokia’s solution supports third-party crane monitoring systems, making it ideal for delivering on the specific requirements of customers. As it is a wireless extension of Pelindo 4’s operations network, it creates opportunities for additional use cases, including the monitoring of trucks, water pollutants and container identification.

Josef Benny Rohy, general manager at Terminal Peti Kemas Makasar Pelindo 4, said: “Nokia’s solution helps us get better visibility of the crane operations through 24/7 real-time data streaming.”

“We aim to enhance safety and efficiency of its operations by delivering solutions that will unlock new connectivity and automation scenarios. This will further bring many new business opportunities in the era of digital transformation,” Erwin Kurniawan, director at Kurnia Energy Engineering, said.

Nokia has deployed solutions for maritime that include private wireless networks at the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge in Belgium as well as HaminaKotka and Oulu in Finland. Nokia’s solutions for maritime provide a platform for modernizing container terminal, port and shipping operations.