Pointer Telocation to install solutions for fleet management in Brazil

Pointer Telocation, a provider of technology and service for managing mobile resources and providing roadside services to the vehicle industry and to the insurance market, announced it is entering into an agreement for the supply and installation of solutions to manage a fleet of vehicles in Brazil in a tri-annual agreement for over $3.2 million.

Pointer entered into an agreement with a leading company in Brazil to install its solutions in a fleet of over 2,000 motor vehicles. The order will result in a significant increase in the number of the company’s subscribers in Brazil.

The transaction is in respect of motorcycles, cars and heavy trucks and will enable Pointer’s customers to benefit from achieving efficiency and savings when managing mobile resources with a fairly low investment, and utilizing the global growth and change that the Telematics field is undergoing.

This important agreement is part of our consistent growth strategy for the Company’s operations abroad, while increasing revenues and profitability of the products and services that the Company supplies.We proved our solution quality vs. numerous competitors. The combination of our technology division Cellocator together with the quality of our local subsidiary enabled us to be chosen as the preferred vendor,” said David Mahlab, president and CEO of Pointer.

Pointer’s solutions will enable the Brazilian company to effectively track the assets, monitor the vehicle’s engine, manage fuel consumption in the Brazilian company’s motor vehicles, unauthorized use of the vehicle, improve productivity and reduce accidents.

The systems to be installed in Brazil also include a package of solutions to manage a fleet of vehicles with advanced control and command technologies, including the service of stolen vehicle recovery.

These solutions were developed and manufactured in Cellocator, the technology division of Pointer which is considered to be the leading provider of technologies for Mobile Resources Management (MRM) for vehicle fleets and cargo.

Cellocator’s product platforms enable Pointer to provide its customers, inter alia, with vehicle diagnostic services, monitoring drivers’ behavior and payment according to driving traits based on cellular technology.

By Telecomlead.com Team
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