Poland proposes security standards for 5G network to block Huawei

Poland has proposed strengthening its cyber security standards and could ban certain products or suppliers from key parts of a future 5G network.
AT&T 5G network expansionPoland’s digital ministry’s document, sent to the European Commission on July 15, does not say that the country would block the deployment of China’s Huawei or ZTE in 5G networks due to alleged threat to national security.

Huawei faces intense international scrutiny over U.S.-led allegations that its equipment could be used for spying by the Chinese government. The company says its technology does not pose a security risk to users.

Poland plans to introduce requirements to use only equipment provided by trusted suppliers, the document says. It also says there could be an obligation to diversify suppliers, at least in key areas of the network.

Poland would make legal changes allowing it to exclude certain products or suppliers from its network in 2020.

Poland said it was also in favor of introducing an EU certification scheme for 5G equipment, with only certified products used in critical infrastructure and by key telecommunications operators.

Play Communications, the biggest mobile operator in Poland, whose network relies on Huawei equipment, said introducing a certification scheme could result in higher equipment prices and a slowdown in implementing 5G technology.

“…we have great concerns related to the introduction of the obligation to certify hardware and software,” the company said in an e-mailed response to Reuters.

Orange Polska, a unit of France’s Orange, and T-Mobile, a unit of Deutsche Telekom, did not comment.

In April, Poland’s deputy digital minister in charge of cyber security, said Warsaw was considering raising security standards and setting restrictions for 5G networks.

Meanwhile, Italy has bowed to pressure from Chinese telecoms equipment makers Huawei Technologies and ZTE and will drop emergency legislation strengthening state powers to intervene in the development of 5G services, lawmakers said on Wednesday.

Cabinet undersecretary Vincenzo Santangelo told the Senate’s Finance committee that the government would not push to approve the decree to strengthen its golden power.