Polystar introduces mobile data service assurance solution

By Telecom Lead Team: Polystar, a supplier of service
assurance, network monitoring, and test solutions, has unveiled its Data
Service Assurance Solution.


The new solution delivers visibility into subscribers’
behavior, device usage, service quality and performance of all mobile data
networks, including LTE.


“We have dedicated major R&D resources to make
sure we have a state-of-the-art platform for mobile data monitoring,” said
Mikael Grill, CEO at Polystar.


The company said that it has rebuilt its Mobile Data
Monitoring solution to address the challenges of ever-changing mobile data


“All last year, we worked on redesigning our Mobile
Data Monitoring solution. We basically started with a white piece of paper and
remade everything. From late summer last year, we have been running our
solution live for both 3G and LTE at selected customers, and are now happy to
announce that it will become generally available in our 4.6 release scheduled
for the middle of March 2012,” said Thomas Nilsson, CTO at Polystar.


The complex ecosystem, characterized by a wide range of
mobile interactive services, force network operators and service providers to
proactively manage the outrageous traffic volumes and adjust their daily
operations correspondingly.


The company added that the new scalable platform will
handle today’s bandwidth demands, as well as support future data explosion and
service migration from the circuit to the packet world.


With the introduction of release 4.6, the enhanced system
architecture, specially developed to handle Mobile Data, becomes generally


A few months back, Polystar
launched the test tool Solver, which includes VoLTE, making Polystar an
industry leader in the VoLTE test market.


The company said solver SIP with the optional VoLTE
feature simulates EPC traffic over the SGi interface to the IMS network
(P-CSCF). Through the efficient VoLTE traffic simulation, the functionality,
quality, reliability and ability of the IMS network can be tested and verified.


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