Procera bags initial order by tier-1 Asian fixed/mobile operator group

Telecom Lead Asia: Procera Networks, a provider of
Intelligent Policy Enforcement (IPE) solutions has obtained an initial order
from a Tier-1 Asian Fixed/Mobile Operator Group.


The order has been given by the group for a Fiber to the
Home deployment and is a replacement for an existing solution deployed in the
operator’s network.


“Tier-1 operators continue to emphasize the
importance of our PacketLogic Report Studio analytics solution. Understanding
the subscriber and application trends on their network enables them to create
personalized services for their customers by leveraging the flexibility of the
PacketLogic Subscriber Manager,” said Brian Ahearn, senior vice president of
Worldwide Sales at Procera.


According to a research study, the Asia Pacific region to
grow faster than other regions in implementing DPI solutions, reflecting the
size of the region and the potential for growth in a less mature sector.


As per the contract, this operator will use the PacketLogic Subscriber Manager (PSM) to create personalized
services for their subscribers to enhance their network experience.


The PSM will be integrated with a PCRF solution for this
operator and will use Procera’s 3GPP Interoperability Lab to conduct the
interoperability and service testing to ensure that the services meet customer


The company said that network operators are utilizing PacketLogic
Report Studio to make critical business decisions on how to change their
business models with new personalized services.


The company also added that Report Studio uses the
richest dataset available for any intelligent policy enforcement system, providing
valuable insight into not only subscriber and application data, but also
network performance and customer experience metrics.


Procera Networks unveils services interoperability lab for
telecom operators


Recently, Procera Networks unveiled its 3GPP
Interoperability Laboratory in Malmo, Sweden.


The lab allows Procera’s Professional Services Team to
help customers test new personalized services using the 3GPP PCC Ecosystem,
focusing on interaction between PCEF, PCRF and OCS systems.


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