Procera Networks launches new PacketLogic products

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company Procera Networks has launched new PacketLogic products.

The new products are designed to simplify large-scale
subscriber deployments for network and cloud service providers.

The new products include Carrier-Grade Network Address
Translation (CGN) and Advanced Traffic Steering.

With the new launches, Procera is trying to tap the $2.6
billion Application Delivery market.

These technologies leverage Procera’s Datastream
Recognition Definition Language (DRDL) for application identification, deliver
superior performance and scalability, when compared to router or application
delivery controller solutions.

“The Application Delivery Networking market is
expanding beyond traditional WAN or datacenter deployments into large-scale
network and cloud service provider deployments,” said Cindy Borovick,
program vice president, Enterprise and Datacenter Networks at IDC.

Application Delivery Networking technologies are becoming
more business critical for network and cloud service providers. To meet the
service and quality expectations of consumers, cloud providers will require solutions
that can adapt to the changes in Internet applications by leveraging Deep
Packet Inspection technology.

Procera claims that current solutions for CGN and traffic
steering cannot meet these requirements at the scale required to support tens
of millions of subscribers and billions of consumer devices.

“Procera delivers CGN solutions that can deliver
scalability and performance without sacrificing their ability to deliver
personalized services. Our IPE technology is already deeply embedded in our customers’
networks and these new technologies increase the strategic value in each
deployment, further enhancing service profitability for operators,” said
Alexander Havang, chief technology officer for Procera.

Network operators are using CGN to combat IPv4 address
exhaustion. CGN is implemented on router platforms that were not designed to
have subscriber or stateful awareness. The PacketLogic CGN provides these
capabilities due to tight integration with the PacketLogic Subscriber Manager.

The PacketLogic CGN solution is the first to offer
asymmetric traffic handling using FlowSync, providing operators with more
flexibility in CGN deployments and maintaining flow state — even in
geographically diverse deployments. A CGN deployment with PacketLogic ensures
that an operator maintains complete capability to leverage 3GPP policy and
charging as well as full analytics and network visibility, which can be lost
when deploying CGN solutions not based on IPE.

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