Proxim Wireless launches Tsunami QB-62000 multi-gigabit wireless backhaul solution

Telecom Lead Team:
Proxim Wireless, a provider of outdoor
wireless backhaul systems, has launched a new Tsunami QB-62000 solution.
Tsunami QB-62000 solution is a multi-gigabit addition to Proxim’s wireless
backhaul solutions.


Tsunami QB-62000 product offers cost-effective point-to-point (PtP) wireless
backhaul solutions at rates of 1Gbps full duplex providing a total throughput
of 2Gbps.


multi-Gigabit wireless backhaul equipment exceeds 4G cell site speed
requirements making it one of the highest capacity wireless links available.


QB-62000 product is a layer 2 bridge solution designed using state-of-the-art
components making it the smallest unit on the market. The tight integration of
its elements, including an integrated antenna, reduces the size of the device
to 7 square inches, which can easily be integrated into typical picocell
enclosures. Weighing only 2.5Kgs, with extremely small wind loading, the
Tsunami® QB-62000 can be installed almost anywhere — light poles, monopoles
and more.


QB-62000 products will provide substantial real-world benefits to our customers
over competitive solutions. Its small size will enable our customers to quickly
and easily install QB-62000 products in more locations. Its 60 GHz operation
requires no licensing fees that can delay standard deployments which ease
installations around the globe,” said Lee Gopadze, president and CEO of Proxim


Tsunami QB-62000 product requires a single Ethernet cable to provide power and
data connectivity with cabling up to 100 meters long.


product is fully manageable via the Web GUI interface and additional supporting
protocols such as SNMPv3. It also enables a more efficient and reliable
wireless backhaul network delivery service.


Moonblink Communications recently announced that Mercury Wireless has deployed
Proxim Wireless’ Tsunami GX-800 licensed wireless backhaul solution to increase
the capacity of its network in Topeka, KS.


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