Proxim Wireless unveils 300 Mbps point-to-multipoint systems

Wireless, a provider of outdoor wireless backhaul systems, announced the launch
of its Tsunami MP-8200 series products.

MP-8200 series delivers data rates of up to 300 Mbps in Non-Line of Site (NLOS)
point-to-multipoint environments.

of cost-effective backhaul infrastructure solutions for high-bandwidth,
high-availability networks is a challenge for security agencies, carriers, and

address these challenges, Proxim has developed a versatile high-performance wireless platform that leverages
innovative advances in OFDM MIMO radio technology to deliver quality of service
(QoS) capabilities for demanding video, voice, and data applications.

continued growth in the region, the City of San Jose, the Capital of Silicon
Valley, is expanding its intelligent transportation systems infrastructure with
Tsunami 8200 radios to enhance operational efficiencies of the city’s roadways
and to provide safety for all modes of travel.

installations thus far have been set up in Non-Line of Sight conditions, and
the radios have performed flawlessly,” said Ho Nguyen, associate engineer
for the City of San Jose.

MP-8200 series is frequency agnostic and can be provisioned for operation in
licensed and unlicensed bands from 4.9 to 5.9 GHz, enabling rapid deployment in
areas of crowded spectrum.

MP-8200 products have been designed to support high-bandwidth applications
securely and cost-efficiently,” said Lee Gopadze, president and CEO of
Proxim Wireless.

power capabilities coupled with Proxim’s proprietary WORP technology enable our
customers’ requirements to be met with a variety of feature sets including 256
AES encryption, differentiated Class of Service (CoS) and Quality of Service
(QoS), complemented by easy installation and timely technical support,”
Gopadze added.

radio is suited for video networks in urban, high interference environments
given configuration settings in the product enabling the prioritization of
video traffic. The addition of a POE-Out port enables the powering of 802.3af
compliant IP video cameras directly from the radio to simplify installation.

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