Qualcomm powers Nokia’s base stations for 5G indoor use

Qualcomm Technologies said its chipset is powering Nokia’s All-in-One base stations for 5G indoor coverage.
Nokia 5G small cells
The 5G base station leverages the Qualcomm 5G RAN platform for small cells. The new 5G Smart Node complements Nokia’s portfolio of 5G Small Cells such as the AirScale Micro Remote Radio Head and AirScale Indoor Radio.

Nokia will launch the new 5G base stations in Q1 2021 targeting operator networks that will be making investment in order to boost 5G capacity and coverage.

Nokia said it is working with Qualcomm to bring its 5G RAN technology into Nokia’s Smart Node portfolio, delivering 5G in a compact, cost-effective plug-and-play package for smaller indoor network use-cases.

Nokia’s use of Qualcomm’s technology innovations will enable 5G deployment at a lower price point and smaller form factor, lowering the barriers to entry into 5G business.

Nokia 5G Smart Node, based on the Qualcomm 5G RAN platform, is a low-power, flexible mount product that enables operators to address 5G network densification and indoor coverage requirements.

5G Smart Nodes are a cost-effective way to extend the availability of 5G across multiple locations and provide a compelling option for in-home, small office and enterprise coverage.

Nokia said many 5G frequency bands, especially those with wider bandwidths, are not in a position to penetrate buildings due to propagation losses; this makes 5G Smart Nodes a great option for home and small office coverage. Engineers can deploy Smart Node solution on tabletops, ceilings or walls.

“The low-price points of 5G Smart Node products resulting from our close engagement with the team at Nokia will help accelerate the adoption of 5G in the residential and small office markets,” Durga Malladi, senior vice president, 4G / 5G, Qualcomm Technologies, said in a statement.