Qualitest secures new software testing deal from BT

Qualitest, a software testing and quality assurance company, has strengthened its 20-year relationship with BT Group.
BT headquarter London
BT, the UK’s largest mobile and broadband provider, recently unveiled its ambition to offer 5G solutions across the entire UK by 2028.

Qualitest’s Managed Test Service (MTS) – which expands the scope of the engagement – will ensure a positive user experience for consumer and business customers.

Anbu Muppidathi, Qualitest President and CEO (Designate), said: “It is an affirmation of our relationship that Qualitest is being entrusted with ensuring the quality of EE’s entire mobile network.”

Prior to this contract, Qualitest has been working in partnership with BT, delivering smaller functional elements of the testing within EE’s mobile network and infrastructure technologies, while working in tandem with BT to provide integration testing as a whole. Qualitest also supports the orchestration of BT’s test labs, as well as providing engineering support, in collaboration with BT.

This MTS contract represents a deepening of the relationship, where Qualitest will deliver approximately 70 percent of the testing enabled by a new Quality Management Office. The remodelling of the service has enabled an increased focus on key programs delivering significant customer benefits.

Qualitest will use automation and in-house talent to handle the testing activities, resulting in significant savings and added value for BT. The company’s Qualisense AI suite of testing tools, which provides a 360-degree approach to machine learning, enables data-driven decision-making.

“Qualitest has been a crucial partner in ensuring the quality of EE’s network for our customers,” said Lisa Lessels, Quality Assurance and Integration Director at BT.

“Qualitest helps us both scale and upskill our workforce and improve our access to tools that will ensure that we continue to deliver standout customer experiences during this transformation, which is one of the main pillars of our corporate strategy.”