RADCOM launches Omni-Q service assurance solution on tablet devices

Telecom Lead America: RADCOM, a service assurance
provider for telecom operators, has launched its Omni-Q Service Assurance
solution on tablet devices.

The company claims that its Omni-Q Service Assurance
solution provides troubleshooting and in-depth QoE (Quality of Experience)
analysis for telecom operator’s subscriber voice and data activity.

The solution enables operators to enhance customer
experience both for subscribers and groups of subscribers on high speed

RADCOM is able to leverage this technology on Apple’s new
iPad platform, allowing operators to connect at any time from any place to
their customers and their service quality information, and easily assure that
their subscribers receive premium quality at all time.

“Operators need to know what is happening all the
time. With the new faster capabilities and higher resolution introduced by the
new iPad your entire network and customers’ experience are now available in the
palm of your hand,” said Eyal Harari, RADCOM’s VP Products and Marketing.

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