RADCOM offers 5G assurance solution on Google Cloud

RADCOM, a leading provider of network assurance solutions, has announced the availability of its 5G assurance solution on Google Cloud.
RADCOM 5G and AI-infused AssuranceThis collaboration aims to offer telecom operators an automated, cloud-native assurance offering that seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud, enabling closed-loop, zero-touch operations on the cloud. The solution aims to enhance the customer experience and proactively improve the quality of 5G services.

Telecom operators face the challenge of deploying and optimizing 5G services on the cloud while ensuring service assurance. RADCOM’s innovative assurance solution, in collaboration with Google Cloud, seeks to simplify 5G rollouts and enable operators to automatically manage network services while monitoring quality using artificial intelligence (AI)-driven analytics. This ensures that subscribers enjoy excellent customer experiences.

RADCOM’s solutions encompass Radio Access Network (RAN) to core network coverage and utilize advanced AI-driven analytics to automatically identify and resolve network degradations. By addressing the challenges of deploying new 5G standalone networks, RADCOM aims to assist operators in achieving successful rollouts.

As a cloud-native function within Google Cloud, RADCOM’s solutions integrate with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Google Cloud’s BigQuery, enabling operators to automate and scale their assurance solutions while effectively utilizing cloud resources.

Operators utilizing RADCOM’s solutions on Google Cloud can benefit from various features such as automatic prevention of service degradations, mitigation of signaling storms, predictive analytics, network automation, operational cost savings, and virtual drive tests (VDT) that can save up to 30 percent by replacing physical drive tests.

This collaboration follows the availability of Continual’s Mobility Experience Analytics, acquired by RADCOM, on Google Cloud and Google Cloud Marketplace, which was announced in 2021. RADCOM continues to expand its range of solutions on the Google Cloud platform, adding RADCOM ACE and RADCOM NWDAF to the Google Cloud Marketplace.

RADCOM’s partnership with Google Cloud holds promise for telecom operators seeking to enhance their 5G services and ensure customer satisfaction through cloud-native assurance solutions. With the integration of AI-driven analytics and automation, this collaboration aims to empower operators in optimizing their networks and delivering superior 5G experiences to their subscribers.