Radisys wins TelecomLead Innovation Leaders 2018 Award

Radisys is one of the winners of TelecomLead Innovation Leaders 2018 Award.
Radisys TelecomLead Innovation Leaders 2018 AwardRadisys’ MediaEngine Cloud Native Virtualized Media Server is a media processing powerhouse for revenue-generating HD audio and video media processing services. It is designed for deployment in elastic cloud computing environments, and, when deployed in a virtualized environment, it delivers performance and capacity at par with bare metal deployments.

The Cloud Native Virtualized Media Server delivers a pre-validated Virtual Network Function (VNF), integrated with OpenNFV cloud infrastructure, providing needed performance, reliability and scalable media processing.

Radisys’ MediaEngine platform provides service providers the flexibility in their choice of cloud and NFV management environments. The solution offers rich OpenStack/ETSI-NFV compatibility and is designed for rapid deployment using an Open Virtualization Format (OVF) package.

It supports the Open Network Automation Platform, along with compatibility with the latest Nokia Cloudband and HP OpenNFV VNF management; VMware, RedHat, KVM and OpenStack hypervisors, and the Amazon EC2 and Rackspace public clouds enabling deployments in a range of public and private cloud environments.

Its support for the Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) allows for integration with additional standards-based NFV management environments.  Radisys media server VNF provides a holistic media processing platform for all real-time and non-real time media processing services and applications.

Orange Labs Networks has integrated the media server in the ONAP “Amsterdam” release. With this integration, Radisys and Orange have demonstrated to the industry that ONAP is ready to easily onboard commercial VNFs, paving a path to live deployments for network transformation.

Radisys is enabling the ONAP community to deploy open infrastructures based on SDN/NFV that are more cost-effective and scalable, while delivering a blueprint for virtualized real-time voice and video services over Web/4G/LTE networks and advanced media optimizations at the edge using Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) platforms.

The solution includes cost-effective media server lifecycle management of ONAP infrastructure, including elastic scaling, policy driven controls, and zero-touch automation and management, significantly reducing time-to-market and Opex.

Radisys’ MediaEngine delivers Opex and Capex savings while providing the software-centric media processing and transcoding that are required for streaming and multimedia-intensive applications.

It supports VoLTE, VoWiFi, VoIP and audio/video conferencing, super high definition codec such EVS coupled with high-performance transcoding, bridging the gaps between fixed-line, mobile, and OTT communication service providers and services. The MediaEngine Cloud Native Virtualized Media Server has been deployed by mobile operators around the world.

Radisys’ MediaEngine vMRF has been engineered to achieve performance and capacity at par with bare metal configurations while running in a virtualized environment—a significant achievement compared to alternative virtualized media processing solutions.

By coupling NFV compliance with the ability to leverage all available hardware resources including DSPs and GPUs, the resulting solution delivers advanced cloud media processing for HD voice, video calling and unified communications services; transcoding capabilities that enable carriers to connect users of mobile, desktop, and landline devices; and a datacenter footprint that is 6-10x smaller than that of off-the-shelf servers’ CPU-based media processing alone, saving millions of dollars per year in Capex and Opex.

Reliance Jio, Nokia, Metaswitch, ZTE, Mavenir, among others, are some of the main customers.

Radisys’ MediaEngine has been deployed in more than 90 production VoLTE networks, including the world’s largest greenfield VoLTE deployment by Reliance Jio.

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