Radware to offer attack mitigation system solution to wireless carrier in North America

Radware, a provider of application
delivery and application security solutions for virtual and
cloud data centers, announced a $2 million sale of its Attack
Mitigation System (AMS) security solution to a wireless carrier in North

Radware’s AMS solution will integrate the carrier’s
existing security capabilities such as firewall and proxy protection,
signature-based intrusion prevention, anti-spam gateways and scrubbing center
denial of service mitigation into a holistic attack mitigation system.

Under the agreement, Radware will begin installing the
system in January 2012.

“While the customer’s initial focus was firewall
protection, managers felt relying on individual point security tools alone for
network infrastructure security were not enough to protect against the new wave
of sophisticated cyber attacks,” said Ron Meyran, director, security
product marketing, Radware.

“Network equipment and applications infrastructures
are typically the main targets of these multi-layered attacks, and Radware’s
AMS offers a unique solution to integrate their existing security tools into an
holistic strategy, achieving a real-time, proactive, attack mitigation system,”
Meyran added.

The Radware AMS solution will help the carrier defend
against the increasingly sophisticated multi-vector attacks that strike network
IT assets at multiple layers, large scale botnet attacks, and attackers that
imitate real users in order to misuse services and application resources.

Radware’s AMS is a real-time network and application
attack mitigation solution that protects the application infrastructure against
network and application downtime, application vulnerability exploitation,
malware spread, information theft, Web service attacks and Web defacement.

It contains a protection layer with security modules
including denial-of-service (DoS) protection, network behavioral analysis
(NBA), intrusion prevention system (IPS), reputation engine and Web application
firewall (WAF) to fully safeguard networks, servers and applications against
known and emerging network security threats.  

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]