RADWIN unveils point-to-multipoint solution for licensed 3.x & 2.5 GHz bands


RADWIN, a global provider of Access and Backhaul wireless
solutions, announced the launch of its RADWIN 5000 High capacity
Point-to-MultiPoint (HPMP) solution for the licensed 3.x GHz and 2.5 GHz bands.


RADWIN 5000 HPMP delivers up to 100 Mbps aggregate net
throughput per sector in these licensed bands, as well as dedicated bandwidth
with guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) and highest spectrum efficiency.


RADWIN 5000 HPMP allows operators who own WiMAX licenses
to leverage these bands in order to deliver high capacity to the lucrative
enterprise market and fulfill the unmet expectations from WiMAX.


RADWIN 5000 HPMP is ideal for a wide range of markets and applications. It
enables ISPs and operators to meet the demands of enterprise customers who need
greater bandwidth and also reach customers at ranges of up to 40 Km/25 miles
and improve their service quality and coverage.


RADWIN 5000 HPMP allows cellular operators to
cost-effectively backhaul 3G IP base station traffic, and empowers private
organizations to establish high-capacity private networks.



Many operators obtained the 3.x GHz and 2.5 GHz bands in order to operate WiMAX
systems, but in most cases these WiMAX systems can’t meet the desired level of
service that business customers demand.


With RADWIN 5000, operators can leverage existing
licenses to deliver high-quality, high-capacity service with strict SLAs.
RADWIN 5000 is already successfully deployed worldwide in unlicensed sub-6GHz
bands, and is rapidly becoming the preferred Point-to-MultiPoint solution of
operators serving the enterprise market,” said Adi Nativ, VP Marketing and
Business Development, RADWIN

RADWIN recently announced
availability of the RADWIN 2000 2.5 GHz BRS/EBS solution for North America.


The new wireless point-to-point solution is ideal for 2.5
GHz license-holders such as carriers, ISPs, public and private organizations
such as educational institutions.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]