RanLOS, Anritsu 5G antenna OTA system for connected vehicles


Anritsu-LanLOS_withCarRanLOS, TOYO Corporation (TOYO), AeroGT Labs, and Anritsu have jointly announced the availability of the first 5G antenna over-the-air (OTA) measurement system.

Engineered with RanLOS’ OTA test solution and Anritsu’s 5G Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A, this innovative system marks a significant leap in the realm of 5G technology, specifically tailored to accelerate advancements in connected vehicles.

As the demand for connected vehicles and autonomous driving surges, the integration of 5G technology brings forth stringent performance requirements for successful implementation. Ensuring the safety of autonomous and connected vehicles, as well as enabling advanced infotainment, relies heavily on the reliability of antenna performance. To address this need, RanLOS and Anritsu collaborated to create a portable antenna test system integrated with a wide dynamic range base station simulation.

The solution enables the measurement of throughput and antenna radiation patterns under static conditions and facilitates the evaluation of throughput degradation in vehicles operating on a dynamometer. Specifically designed for transportation vehicles like automobiles, vans, minibuses, and autonomous transport systems, this system is poised to revolutionize the evaluation of antenna performance in real-world scenarios.

What sets this solution apart is its unique capability to seamlessly integrate into pre-existing Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) chambers. This feature not only provides manufacturers with an opportunity to establish a vital testing environment but also ensures an economical approach, minimizing initial investments.

TOYO and AeroGT Labs, specializing in OTA measurements, view this solution as a game-changer for advancing next-generation mobility. Leveraging their extensive experience in Electromagnetic Compatibility and antenna measurement, TOYO and AeroGT Labs will spearhead the market efforts for this cutting-edge solution.

Louice Rosdahl, CEO of RanLOS, said, “It’s a major step to have 5G capabilities integrated into our offering. 5G is 100 times faster than 4G at peak speed and will be an enabler for safer connected cars. We are grateful for the collaboration with Anritsu and look forward to delivering the benefits of this new offering to our users and customers.”

Yoshimichi Imaizumi, director, Senior VP at TOYO, emphasized the importance of this solution, stating, “By promoting this sophisticated yet cost-effective solution to the mobility industry, we contribute to the building of a safer and more trusted traffic network.”

Steve Wong, chief marketing officer at AeroGT Labs, highlighted the significance of this development, stating, “This critical process lays the foundation for a transportation future characterized by elevated safety and enhanced efficiency.”

Takeshi Shima, director, senior vice president, Test & Measurement Company President at Anritsu, shared his excitement, stating, “The solution ultimately equates to an improved user experience, which benefits the evolution of widely spreading smart society. We are thrilled to promote it globally, collaborating with TOYO and AeroGT Labs.”

The 5G antenna OTA measurement solution is now available for shipping.