Ruckus Wireless ships virtual data plane for Wi-Fi networks

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Ruckus Wireless has shipped virtual data plane for Wi-Fi that segregates data traffic from control traffic on wireless networks – promising maximum flexibility in network deployments to carriers and enterprises.

Optimization of cost and performance based on user demands on distributed network are the main benefits of the software called Virtual SmartZone Data Plane (vSZ-D) that works with Ruckus’ Virtual SmartZone controllers.

Virtual SmartZone, a part of network functions virtualization (NFV) initiative of Ruckus, has more than 700 customers in production networks managing more than 200,000 access points.

“Separating control and data traffic delivers significant flexibility, cost and performance advantages for networks that support thousands of devices and access points,” said Greg Beach, vice president of product management at Ruckus.

46 percent of retail, hospitality and transportation and logistics (T&L) businesses are operating on overwhelmed wireless infrastructures. 53 percent of surveyed companies in these sectors are planning to refresh their wireless infrastructure within the next 12 months, expecting more pressure on their systems due to new devices and services coming online, according to a survey by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Zebra Technologies.

The in-flight Wi-Fi market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 14.9 percent during 2015 – 2021, according to Persistence Market Research.

Virtual SmartZone Data Plane distributes the workload across multiple systems requiring a single controller instance along with inexpensive vSZ-D deployments at remote sites. Data moves faster because it can bypass the controller with only incremental impact on each site.

Telecoms can deploy multiple vSZ-D instances at distributed sites or an instance centrally, helping to afford maximum network design flexibility. The NFV-based design eliminates deployment limitations due to physical computer hardware and geographic location.

Virtual SmartZone controllers promise scaling up to 300,000 devices, offering single and multi-tenancy, and enabling WiFi-as-you-grow for networks. This apart, SmartZone software platform supports all of Ruckus’ ZoneFlex indoor and outdoor wireless access points.

Baburajan K
[email protected]