Rural Alaska cellular operator awards 3G network upgrade to Tecore

Networks, a global provider of 2G, 3G and 4G mobile network infrastructure,
announced that it is expanding the capacity, coverage and capability of the
Cordova Wireless network with 3G HSPA service.

With this
upgrade, Cordova Wireless continues to leverage Tecore’s iCore platform,
facilitate 3G HSPA service, support the existing 2G network, and lay the
groundwork for future transition to LTE. The upgrade also includes Tecore’s
iNodeB, a scalable access Node delivering megabit speeds for rural broadband

The Cordova
Wireless network expansion and 3G upgrade facilitated by the scalability of
the iCore platform, an all-IP architecture, and the iNodeB allows Cordova
Wireless to continue to deliver high quality services for its subscribers in
the rural areas of Cordova, Alaska.

It also
allows it to maximize revenue from roaming subscribers, while simultaneously
rolling out its next-generation network. With integrated media gateway
capabilities and a choice of standalone or distributed architectures, Tecore’s
iCore platform enables an efficient path to next-generation convergent wireless

Wireless’ network now has the critical scalability and flexibility it requires
to provide state of the art voice and broadband services to Cordova’s rural and
remote markets.

Wireless has again turned to Tecore to advance the level of service provided to
our subscribers,” said Paul Kelly, general manager and chief executive officer,
Cordova Wireless.

trusted and continued loyalty is testament to Tecore’s ability to consistently
deliver the highest level of products and services,” said Jay Salkini,
president and CEO of Tecore Networks.

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