Russian telecom market achieves fastest growth in recent 5 years

The growth rate of the Russian telecom market in 2018 was at 3 percent, while its IT market grew at 4 percent. Russian telecom market is expected to register growth of around 9 percent in 2019.

5G trials Russia
The largest share of the Russian IT equipment market belongs to foreign manufacturers, both in the household and corporate sectors. Their share constitutes nearly 94 percent of the whole Russian telecommunications market which remains attractive to manufacturers from all over the globe, according to J’son & Partners Consulting that assessed the total volume of the market for telecommunication equipment in Russia and the world in 2018.

The Russian telecommunications industry is on the threshold of introducing the latests – 5th generation – mobile communication technologies. The launch of the first 5G area in Moscow is a major step in Russia’s joining the 5G network. The network in Russia will be built in several stages. The Digital Economy of the Russian Federation Programme projects that the 5G networks will have been widely used in 15 Russian metropolises by 2024. The development of the 5G technology will make it possible to take IoT, Smart Home, Smart City and Smart Production to a new level thanks to the high speed of data transfer and ultra-reliable connections ensuring minimised delays.

The Russian IoT market is projected to grow at 18 percent year on year between 2018 and 2022, which is a considerably higher rate than the other markets are expected to show (13.6 percent).

The main growth areas are digital enterprises, digitization of production facilities and national programs on digital transformation in economy and its sectors.

The leading fields in using the IoT technologies are production, transport and households (Smart Devices, Smart Homes etc.).

Various solutions for the 5G, IoT, Smart City, Future Transportation and Mobility technologies, as well as new equipment and technologies for mobile, satellite, radio and fibre-optic communication, for IP technologies, and TV and radio broadcasting, for data transmission networks, and data processing and storage centres, for information security, cloud technologies, artificial intellect and Smart Device Show will be displayed at the Svyaz 2020 Exhibition. The exhibition is part of Russian Week of High Technologies which will be held at Expocentre Fairgrounds (Moscow, Russia) between 21 and 24 of April 2020.

Russian Week of High Technologies is the largest exhibition and convention event in the sphere of telecommunications that offers a great opportunity to demonstrate the newest technologies of the sector and get hands-on experience of interacting with innovative products and solutions. The event is a business platform making it possible to meet industry professionals, to source new suppliers and sales leads, to work out new business solutions and detect new trends in the development of information technologies and telecommunications.