Samsung presents commercial 5G products at MWC 2017

Samsung 5G at MWC 2017
Samsung Electronics has unveiled its end-to-end portfolio of 5G mobile network products and solutions for 2017 that will provide foundation for the first commercial 5G network launches expected in 2018.

Showcased products included consumer devices for fixed wireless access connectivity, a 5G Radio Base Station (5G Access Unit), Next-Generation Core Network infrastructure, and more.

“With pre-commercial deployment of our 5G products already underway in the US, we are starting to see some of the earliest evidence of the potential for new and compelling 5G-driven services,” Paul Kyungwhoon Cheun, Executive Vice President and Head of Next Generation Communications Business Team at Samsung Electronics, told reporters.
Samsung at MWC 2017
With pre-commercial versions of the equipment already under deployment in trial networks across the globe, Samsung’s commercial 5G portfolio is backed by a continually growing foundation of experience, knowledge and concrete trial results, the company said in a statement on Sunday.

The 5G Home Router will provide direct and straightforward connectivity to the wireless network, with the simple placement of the 5G Home Router in a window facing a nearby 5G Radio Base Station.

A peak data rate of up to 1Gbps will allow service providers to dimension networks that provide an attractive alternative to often-costly Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments.

The 5G Radio Base Station itself is a natural extension of today’s LTE small cells, designed to be installed in a dense configuration that allows for very high network capacities.

Anuj Sharma / IANS reporting from Barcelona