Samsung SDS deploys Ciena solutions to create its own private network

Telecom Lead Asia: Samsung SDS, a global ICT service
provider, has deployed Ciena’s Packet-Optical Switching, Packet-Optical
Transport, Carrier Ethernet (CES) and ON-Center Management Suite solutions to
create its own private network.

Connecting offices and employees across multiple
locations globally, the new optical mesh backbone will provide Samsung SDS with
a reliable network to ensure maximum availability of its IT infrastructure and
applications, with unified network and service management.

Unplanned network downtime can not only disrupt
customer-facing services, but it can also impact revenue and cause long-term
damage to our brand. With Ciena’s proven solutions and mesh technology, we are
able to take control of our network to ensure that our applications are
constantly available and that employees can work normally, even if there is an
issue in one part of the network,” said Ryu HaeKwang, vice president,
Infra Tech. Team at Samsung SDS.

In the highly competitive electronics industry, IT is a
critical asset and there is no room for downtime. Ciena’s solutions are
enabling a high-performance, highly reliable IT infrastructure for one of the
world’s largest multinational corporations essentially turning them into their
own service provider. Samsung’s network is a blueprint for the kind of
high-capacity network featuring carrier-class reliability that can handle the
intense volume of data that large multi-national corporations generate, and to
help them ensure that their network can survive any disruption to maintain
business as usual,” said Anthony McLachlan, vice president and general manager,
Asia Pacific, Ciena.

Ciena said Samsung SDS decided to upgrade the network as
aging ATM and MPLS-based network faced challenges to deliver optimal network
availability in the wake of natural and manmade disasters, as well as general
performance issues.

Ciena’s intelligent optical mesh technology automatically
routes traffic around network issues to maximize availability with the lowest
level of latency.

Samsung SDS also deployed Ciena’s 6130 Multiservice
Optical Platform to provide transport services to small and medium sites, and
Ciena’s 3920 Service Delivery Switch for DCN optimization across the whole

Ciena said its OneConnect Intelligent Control Plane
provides distributed intelligence that ensures network capacity in the event of
disruptive network failures such as one or multiple and simultaneous fiber

Protection is shared across multiple working routes using
state-of-the-art restoration technology that can dynamically reroute services
around failures using available bandwidth anywhere in the network. This
intelligent network is aware and proactive of all parameters that can impact
the performance of applications, including being able to route to ensure low
latency, and route around shared risk link group and many others.

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