Sandvine bags $2 million deal from leading US service provide

Telecom Lead America: Sandvine, a provider of intelligent
broadband network solutions for fixed and mobile operators, has bagged
over $2 million in Network Policy Control orders from one of the
leading telecom providers in the U.S.

Sandvine has provided the telecom operator with its
Policy Traffic Switch PTS, Fairshare Traffi
Management and Usage Management products.


These products will allow the service provider to
increase the quality of experience for subscribers across their DSL network.


The company’s Fairshare Traffic Management deals with the
inherent competition for limited network resources. The solution helps in
preserving the best possible quality of experience for the maximum number of
subscribers for the maximum amount of time.


“A provider of telephone and broadband services,
this telecom provider is committed to delivering a consistently high quality
user experience across the full range of their products and services.
Sandvine’s access agnostic solutions for fixed and mobile operators make an
ideal solution for this type of network,” said Tom Donnelly, COO,
Sales & Global Services, Sandvine.


Sandvine claims that it was selected based on its proven
congestion and policy management capabilities.


Sandvine’s Fairshare Traffic Management has been deployed
in over 110 service provider networks worldwide to address congestion
management across all access technologies.


Sandvine completes IPv6 testing over South-East Asia DSL


Last month, Sandvine completed IPv6 protocol testing with
its Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) in a South East Asian DSL network hosting
close to two million subscribers.


The company said that it offers tools for service providers
to analyze their network capabilities of native and transitional IPv6 protocols
such as Teredo and 6RD


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