Sara Mazur to head Ericsson’s research team from November 19, 2012

Telecom Lead Europe: Ericsson has appointed Sara Mazur as the new vice president and head of Ericsson Research effective November 19, 2012.

Mazur, currently head of Systems Management at Business Unit Networks, has wide experience in leading technology development.

Ericsson has appointed Sara Mazur

Sara Mazur has more than 17 years of experience in research and development.

Mazur succeeds Jan Farjh, who has taken up another position within Ericsson as head of Standardization and Industry, Group Function Technology.

Mazur’s most recent focus has been on unit-wide technology and research coordination and strategic management of technologies.

Mazur has worked on advanced technology throughout her career to strengthen Ericsson’s technical excellence.

She started at Ericsson Research in 1995, and has since held many management positions in the group; among other things, she has served as expert and head of a research unit responsible for radio network research.

Mazur will now be a member of Group Function Technology’s leadership team, headed by Ericsson CTO Ulf Ewaldsson, and will be based in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Sara Mazur has worked very closely with the development of the telecommunications industry. It is because of people like her that our company is a technology leader. She will bring her vast experience to lead our research function to realize technologies for the benefit of people, business and society,” Ewaldsson said.

“I have always been interested in, and curious about, technology. I am a researcher at heart; 69 of my inventions have been patented, and I am extremely happy to dedicate my time to working with such skilled people at Ericsson Research,” Sara said.

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