Sercomtel selects DiViNetworks’ optimization solution to increase bandwidth


Sercomtel, a Brazilian telecommunications company,
announced the commercial deployment of DiViNetworks IP traffic optimization
solution – DiViLink – to its link between Sao Paulo and Londrina.


Based on its patented technology – DiVination,
DiViLink is the first solution that optimizes 100 percent of Internet traffic,
regardless of protocol, content, and application types. DiViNetworks’ unique
characteristics allow Sercomtel to increase bandwidth capacity by more than 50
percent at peak time, on top of its already implemented optimization solutions.


The smooth implementation in Sercomtel’s network and the
immediate bandwidth expansion effect, combined with DiViNetworks’ performance
guarantee and future-proof low-maintenance technology, has made the ROI clear
and solid.


“DiViNetworks’ optimization technology further
enables Sercomtel to balance the exploding
demand for bandwidth and pressure to upkeep quality of experience, with the
inflating bandwidth expenditure,” said Hans Juergen Mueller, director of
engineering and operation, Sercomtel.


DiViLink delivers
more powerful results than other optimization solutions by tackling the single
largest consumer of Internet traffic – repetitive bit streams. Working at the
network level rather than application level, DiViLink identifies bit stream
patterns and replaces them with reduced signatures at wire-speed.


“DiViLink’s performance track record indicates that
our technology is the most current and effective form of addressing traffic
congestion. Although different optimization systems are already deployed in
Sercomtel’s network, masses of traffic continue to flow over the expensive
links. Our system, operating independently of application, protocol or content,
is providing guaranteed expansion of such links,” said Yair Shapira, VP Marketing
& Business Development, DiViNetworks.


By Team
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