Shinecity Telecom choses GENBAND’s S3 intelligent session border controller

GENBAND, a developer of IP infrastructure
and application solutions, announced that Shinecity Telecom, a Hong Kong-based
international long distance wholesale carrier, has deployed the GENBAND S3
Intelligent Session Border Controller (SBC) for advanced routing capabilities
of their IP to IP interconnections.

The S3 SBC provides Shinecity with
state-of-the-art dynamic routing of traffic between interconnect peers based on
call completion rates, route profit and route availability.

“Upgrading to GENBAND’s S3 Intelligent SBC
not only gives us improved functionality over our existing system, but it
provides us with numerous competitive advantages including the ability to have
a real-time view of session performance and enforce subscriber and network
policies for consistent delivery of services,” said Mike Griffiths, Shinecity
International Sales Manager.

S3’s sophisticated routing intelligence
allows Shinecity to reduce IP-to-IP session routing complexity and policy
enforcement, enabling best-in-class traffic engineering at the session layer
for managed service assurance and SLA compliance.

Through the unique real-time session
management capabilities of the S3 SBC, GENBAND will also add real-time service
visibility, advanced analytics and adaptive policy control to ensure the
quality of the network and profitability of routes.

“We’re delighted to provide Shinecity with
the extensive security, policy enforcement, and session management capabilities
that our S3 SBC product offers,” said Dave Shier, senior vice president of

The S3 Intelligent SBC includes advanced
signaling and multi-media interworking and extended security for IPX, SIP
Trunking, and Unified Communication services. With extensive security, real
time session analytics-based dynamic policy management, and advanced routing
capabilities, the S3 brings operators intelligent session management with
advanced levels of functionality, flexibility and performance at IP network

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