Sierra Wireless expands AirPrime Q Series with AirPrime Q2698 embedded module

Telecom Lead America: Sierra Wireless has expanded its AirPrime Q Series of embedded wireless modules with
the launch of the AirPrime Q2698 embedded module.

The new module adds support for 3G HSPA+ on five frequency
bands to the AirPrime Q Series, along with support for 2G GSM/GPRS/EDGE on four
frequency bands, making it compatible with networks worldwide and therefore
ideal for global deployments.

“Sierra Wireless is continuing to innovate and is excited to
introduce the new AirPrime Q2698 module to this industry-proven Q Series
product line,” said Didier Dutronc, senior vice president, M2M Embedded
Solutions for Sierra Wireless.

The company said the AirPrime Q2698 is designed for
customers seeking an M2M embedded module that can provide 3G cellular network
connectivity in any international location.

The Q2698 is also programmable, enabling the development of
embedded M2M applications with the Sierra Wireless Open AT Application
Framework, which means that customers already using AirPrime Q series modules
can seamlessly migrate from 2G to 3G, using the same hardware platform design
and embedded applications they had developed for earlier products.

The module provides network access nearly anywhere in the
world, including Australia, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin
America, China, and Japan.

The AirPrime Q2698 module includes GPS technology, which
is essential to fleet management, asset tracking, and other location-based

The company will begin shipping of the AirPrime Q2698 in the
second half of 2012.

Sierra Wireless launches M2M Application Framework for 3G

A few months back, Sierra Wireless announced the launch
of its Open AT Application Framework on a 3G version of the AirPrime
SL Series, which is a SL808x embedded wireless module.

The company said that the transitioning embedded M2M
solutions from 2G to 3G networks is now both easier and smoother with the
availability of the framework on 3G.

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