Sify and Deutsche Telekom Sign IP and VPN Services Deal

Sify Technologies announced their partnership with Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS), the international wholesale arm of Deutsche Telekom.  




This partnership will provide customers and partners with top-of-the-line IP and VPN services in India and Europe, by leveraging on each others’ investments in submarine, terrestrial networks and local network reach as well as regional partnership to reach new growth markets in South Asian, Middle East and Africa markets.




SIFY is excited with this partnership with Deutsche Telekom ICSS, which will help customers in growth markets like India. This partnership with Deutsche Telekom ICSS is an endorsement of Sify’s strength in high quality IP based Network Services,” said Raju Vegesna, chairman and managing director, Sify Technologies.




The alliance will strengthen each partner’s service portfolio and market reach. SIFY- Deutsche Telekom ICSS alliance will enable SIFY to bring matured quality services to the India market and extend the same across global growth markets in South Asia, Middle East & Africa. The combination will enable seamless and quality VPN services for Indian & European carriers and enterprises as they collaborate to reach out to the international markets,” Vegesna added.




Sify and Deutsche Telekom ICSS have entered into a win-win partnership, not just for Sify and Deutsche Telekom but for our customers. As the market changes and our customers face complex business challenges, this alliance between the top carriers of Europe and India will bring synergies that will benefit our customers jointly,” said Holger Magnussen, head of Deutsche Telekom ICSS.




It provides both the customers of Sify and Deutsche Telekom the ability to leverage on our complementary assets in Europe and India, to provide customers with unsurpassed level of service and a wider range of products more focused and aligned to customer needs,” Magnussen added.




As announced earlier, Sify’s EIG (Europe India Gateway) submarine cable capacities are ready for activation and Sify’s exclusive partnership with GBI (Gulf Bridge International) to land their Submarine Cable System in India, is scheduled to go live in second half of 2011. This is part of a larger strategy from Sify to interconnect the Global Growth markets and enable Sify’s ICT services globally.



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