Siklu leverages millimeter-wave all-silicon technology for small cell backhaul

By Telecom Lead Team: Siklu, a provider of EtherHaul
millimeter wave wireless backhaul solution, has adapted its all-silicon
millimeter wave technology for LTE small cell backhaul operating in the
unlicensed 57-66 GHz spectrum.

This technology will be leveraged to provide an
ultra-low-cost, invisible-footprint backhaul for the expected massive
deployment of small cells.

Siklu is initiating trials of the EtherHaul-600 with
mobile operators who are formulating their strategies for cost-effective small
cells and backhaul deployments. The first commercial offering of the
EtherHaul-600 is expected to be available in 2013.


Siklu is extremely focused on reducing carrier costs and
meeting the market’s needs. Using Siklu’s unique all-silicon technology in the
unlicensed, uncongested 57-66 GHz spectrum allows us to design an ‘invisible’
system at a very low price point,” said Gaby Junowicz, VP marketing and
business development at Siklu.

As carriers increasingly deploy 4G/LTE, the cellular
network is evolving to meet bandwidth demand by using a heterogeneous
macrocell/small-cell architecture. Thousands of small-cells will be needed to
provide a capacity boost in a typical highly populated metropolitan area.

With such dense deployment, service providers will need
two things. First, they will require both the small cells and the associated
backhaul network to be as inexpensive and cost-effective as possible. Second,
they will look for a very small form factor that blends into the street level

Siklu has designed and developed the EtherHaul-600, an
ultra-small all-outdoor small cell backhaul product that enables rapid
deployment anywhere, from street lamps to rooftops. The Siklu solution offers
extremely low power consumption and plug-and-play installation into an
operator’s Self Organizing Network (SON). The integrated all-silicon Siklu
approach brings down costs to a fraction of other millimeter wave solutions and
will represent a key stepping stone to the mass deployment of small cells.

“Wireless service providers are scrambling for
capacity to meet growing traffic demand. Millimeter wave backhaul solutions
offer carriers one more option to meet that demand. Insight forecasts strong
growth in this space and expects Siklu’s EtherHaul to be a leader in millimeter
wave wireless backhaul solutions,” said Rich Power, vice president,
Insight Research.

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