SINET selects Juniper Networks to upgrade Internet network in Cambodia

SINET, a leading internet and telecommunication service provider in Cambodia, has selected Juniper Networks to upgrade its network infrastructure.
Juniper Networks IndiaSINET currently operates over 200 active network points of presence (POPs), providing fast and reliable internet connection to main cities and provincial towns, as well as remote districts and villages, fulfilling its vision to connect all corners of Cambodia.

With the expansion of the Ethernet Virtual Private Network – Virtual Extensible LAN (EPVN-VxLAN) IP Fabric and Metro-Ethernet transport networks expansion project completed in 2018 and early 2021, SINET was able to smoothly implement the solutions from end-to-end, completing both deployments with almost no downtime.

“With a stable and secure network powered by Juniper’s cutting-edge solutions, we will continue to deliver on the promise to empower businesses and support Cambodia’s journey towards a new model of economic growth, built on the foundations of a thriving digital economy,” Diep Kong, Chief Technical Officer, SINET, said.