Sitetracker telecom for tower solution launched

Sitetracker, the leading deployment operations software for critical infrastructure providers, has introduced a new solution called Sitetracker Telecom for Tower for telecom tower operators.
Cellular towers in ChinaSitetracker Telecom for Tower allows tower companies to effectively manage hundreds of site processes and deployments. Sitetracker solves a challenging problem for companies struggling to keep up with the demands on their towers due to 5G deployment.

Sitetracker optimizes collocation, site development and tenant applications. Mobile network operators can make decisions and forecasts with dashboards and analytics, while leveraging built-in maps and forms. Sitetracker helps tower operators easily manage portfolio details from leases and CAD drawings, to photos and installed equipment.

Using Sitetracker Connect, the tower solution can easily integrate with other companies’ Sitetracker instances, and provides a portal to collaborate and interact seamlessly with vendors, sub-contractors, partners and more.

Some estimates show that there will be over $25 billion in telecom and tower infrastructure deployed worldwide as 5G continues to roll-out.

“The demands for new towers, space on existing towers, or needed upgrades to existing ones are creating challenges across the industry,” said Brant Carter, Sitetracker’s Senior Director of Telecom Products. “Sitetracker streamlines tower management so operators can focus on their customers and maximize their portfolio value while still getting a big picture view of their entire business.”

Tillman Infrastructure has already used Sitetracker’s Salesforce-based cloud solution to maintain real-time visibility over their tower availability and capacity, optimize the collocation and tenant acquisition process, and boost operational efficiencies for new site builds, tower modifications and upgrades.

Sitetracker claims that it customers have gained upwards of 22 percent faster time to revenue, helping them achieve business growth.

“Sitetracker has demonstrated to us that they understand the nuances, details and challenges of the telecom industry and their deployment operations software continues to offer the most innovative and complete solution on the market today,” said Brian Quinn, vice president of operations, Tillman Infrastructure.

Mark Newman, analyst at TM Forum, said: “For telecom operators and for tower companies, gaining access to new software solutions like those provided by Sitetracker is hugely important as they face their own race to deploy networks ahead of their competitors to optimize the efficiency of functions that make up the lion’s share of their Capex.”