SK Hynix selects Keysight PCIe 5.0 test platforms

SK hynix has selected Keysight Technologies peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) 5.0 test platforms to speed the development of memory semiconductors.
SK Hynix chip investment in NAND
SK hynix develops memory semiconductor solutions with Compute Express Link (CXL) technology to support performance and capacity requirements of mobile phones, computers, data servers and on-road vehicles.

Keysight’s solutions for physical layer simulation, characterization and validation of PCIe 5.0 devices enable SK hynix to speed test and development of next generation dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) and PCIe devices with CXL high-speed memory interconnect technology.

“Keysight delivers PCIe 5.0 test solutions that validate the performance of power-efficient memory storage devices used in edge and cloud computing, data centers, 5G devices and radio access network equipment,” said Joachim Peerlings, vice president of network and data center solutions at Keysight.

“SK hynix values Keysight’s expertise, especially the PCIe 5.0 test solutions. Keysight’s oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, bit error ratio testers and PCIe transceiver (TRX) test solutions enable SK hynix to advance development of memory semiconductors based on both DRAM and NAND technologies,” Hyung-Soo Kim, Head of DRAM AE at SK hynix, said.