SpiderCloud Wireless to integrate Wi-Fi into 3G small-cell cluster solution

Telecom Lead Team
: SpiderCloud Wireless, a provider of in-building,
mobile-broadband technology, is integrating Wi-Fi capability into its 3G
small-cell cluster solution.

integrated product will enable mobile operators to cost-effectively offer 3G as
well as Wi-Fi capacity in Internet hotspots, office buildings, campuses and
shopping centers.

solution will be available for trials in the second half of 2012.

started developing its integrated 3G/Wi-Fi product in 2010 and will be
showcasing its 3G/Wi-Fi radio node and 3G/Wi-Fi services node, by appointment,
at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

operators have embraced Wi-Fi as a way to provide services to today’s
data-hungry devices. SpiderCloud wants to make it easy and cost-effective for
operators to offer Internet access using both 3G and Wi-Fi inside large
buildings,” said Mike Gallagher, SpiderCloud Wireless’s Chief Executive

company claims that SpiderCloud is the first company to introduce a
breakthrough, small-cell architecture that includes a small-cell controller
located inside buildings, called the SpiderCloud Services Node. SpiderCloud’s
integrated 3G/Wi-Fi system is based on the same architecture.

integrated system consists of a dual-mode radio node capable of supporting one
3G radio and two
802.11 a/b/g/n radios, and a dual-mode services node
responsible for controlling the small-cell cluster and integrating it with a
mobile operator’s core network as well as an enterprise’s Intranet.

will offer comprehensive enterprise- and service-provider grade Wi-Fi
functionality, including automated RF planning, inter-radio node mobility,
quality of service, wireless intrusion detection and prevention, 802.1x based
authentication and 802.11u. The 3G and Wi-Fi systems will be fully integrated,
providing mobile operators with a consistent management interface.

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