Spirent Communications Supports H3C in Successful 800G Ethernet Test

Spirent Communications, a global leader in test and assurance solutions for devices and networks, has collaborated with H3C to achieve a groundbreaking milestone in the networking industry.
Spirent at MWC 2019
Together, they have completed the industry’s first large-scale high-density 800G Ethernet test, showcasing the exceptional reliability and performance of H3C’s S9827 series, an 800G CPO silicon photonic switch.

In today’s era of Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC), network transformations are being driven by the surge in large-scale AI workloads. These workloads demand efficient data exchange among tens of thousands of servers executing billions of parallel computations for massive data training. As computing power demands continue to escalate, 800G and 1.6T are anticipated to become the standard for large-scale training, making high-performance next-generation switches crucial for network efficiency and responsiveness.

The recent milestone was achieved using the industry’s first high-density 800G OSFP and QSFP-DD test platform, the Spirent TestCenter 800G B2 Appliance. The B2 appliance accelerates time-to-market for 800G infrastructure development and offers the flexibility to match the actual network deployments of customers. It delivers the density, flexibility, and performance required to validate the next generation of switches, routers, chipsets, and data center fabrics. Furthermore, it supports multi-rate interconnection with switches via various mediums, including cables and optical fibers.

The H3C S9827 series represents a new generation of 800G data center switches built on CPO silicon photonics technology. The test results demonstrated an impressive total switching capacity of up to 51.2T, with all 64 ports achieving 100 percent line speed forwarding under varying traffic conditions. Each port reached a transmission rate of 800Gbps, meeting the high throughput demands of intelligent computing networking. This positions the S9827 series as an ideal choice for AIGC clusters and high-performance data center core switching applications.

Andrew Liu, VP of Sales for Spirent in Greater China, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, saying, “This latest positive 800G test validating the reliability and high performance of H3C S9827 will help ensure successful deployments of this complex new technology and reliable high-speed networks to meet future demand.”

Yutao Li, Vice President of Network Product Line and General Manager of Switch Product Line at H3C, emphasized the importance of this achievement, stating, “The 800G high-performance switch, bolstered by CPO technology, will provide higher network capacity for cutting-edge applications such as AIGC and large-scale model training, paving the way for further improvement in the scale and computing power of computing clusters.”

The completion of this industry-first high-density 800G Ethernet test underscores the commitment of Spirent Communications and H3C to advancing networking technology, ultimately benefiting industries across the board as they harness the full potential of computing power in the AIGC era.