Spirent selected by Indonesia’s Telecommunication Equipment Testing Center

The Telecommunication Equipment Testing Center (BBPPT) in Indonesia has chosen Spirent technology for Ethernet network equipment and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing.
Spirent at MWC 2019BBPPT will be utilizing Spirent TestCenter to benefit from testing capabilities, including scalability, automation, and real-time reporting, for complex network systems. Spirent Communications is a global leader in test and assurance solutions for devices and networks.

Located in Tapos, Depok, West Java, the BBPPT is being developed by Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information. The laboratory is scheduled for completion by the end of this year and will commence operations in early 2024. Its objective is to ensure the quality and adherence to technical requirements of telecommunication equipment and devices used in Indonesia’s next-generation communication networks.

Spirent’s partner for this project, Unitronic Jaya, stated that Spirent was selected by the BBPPT due to its industry-leading position in network testing, supported by the local expertise and IP network engineering capabilities of its partner.

Churn Hoong, Country Manager for Spirent’s Southeast Asia region, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration and emphasized the positive impact the BBPPT project will have on Indonesia and neighboring countries. Spirent TestCenter’s accurate and reliable test results are crucial for ensuring the quality and performance of ICT equipment, making it an essential tool in providing high-level IP network testing services.

Spirent TestCenter is an end-to-end test solution renowned for its high performance and ability to provide deterministic answers. Service providers, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), and enterprises rely on TestCenter to test, measure, and validate their networks, enabling confident deployment of services across various domains, including performance testing, virtualization analysis, cloud computing, mobile backhaul, and high-speed Ethernet.

The Telecommunication Equipment Testing Center, operated under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), will be one of Asia’s most advanced testing facilities upon completion. With six laboratories, it aims to support the growth of Indonesia’s domestic telematics industry, enhance testing quality and services, and foster national and international cooperation.