SPIRIT DSP powers more than 1 billion users of IP-communications channels

Telecom Lead America: SPIRIT DSP announced that its
TeamSpirit Engines powers more than 1 billion users of IP-communications
channels worldwide.

SPIRIT’s calculations are based on its customers’ quarter
royalty reports for 2011 and public data from the past 12 months.

SPIRIT leads this market over any other VoIP provider,
including alternative OTT (Over-the-Top) providers like Skype and Google.

SPIRIT’s direct customers, including Apple, Adobe,
AT&T, British Telecom, China Mobile, Ericsson, Huawei, HTC, Korea Telecom,
LG U+, Microsoft, Oracle, Polycom, Rostelecom, Samsung, Skype, ZTE and more
than 250 other American, European and Asian companies, are using TeamSpirit
Engines and other SPIRIT voice and video products inside their software and
hardware products.

“The growth of the mobile VoIP, PC video calling and
video conferencing market is skyrocketing and we’re pleased that global service
providers, OEMs and application developers have selected and use SPIRIT Engines
to deliver an HD-quality calling experience to their more than 1 billion mobile
and PC customers worldwide. This phenomenal traction underscores that today’s
global IP communication players now recognize that communication quality is
crucial for consumers and businesses,” said SPIRIT’s Chairman Andrew

In 2011, a new trend began with traditional telecom
operators, including AT&T, China Mobile, Korea Telecom, LG U+ and others
launching their own branded VVoIP services. Since 2005, telcos were only trying
to block Skype and Google on their networks to avoid eroding their valuable
voice minutes but they were not trying to launch their own competing VoIP
services, until recently.

SPIRIT’s voice engine is also used by the world’s largest
mobile communications service provider China Mobile, who reported in Dec. 2011
that more than 500 million mobile subscribers use its Fetion product (known
today as Feiliao) with SPIRIT voice engine inside.

SPIRIT’s Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean mobile device
manufacturer customers include Acer, Arima, Compal, HTC, Huawei, iRiver, LG, Quanta,
Samsung, ZTE and others. Together, they serve over 100 million smart phone

Huawei holds the number two position in the world among
mobile infrastructure providers for telcos. SPIRIT voice and video engines on
different mobile platforms (including iOS and Android) and PCs are part of
Huawei’s hardware and software products that are sold to dozens of telco
operators in many countries, who together serve more than 100 million users.

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